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A New Chapter Begins: Introducing Aiwa City to the World

Breaking News – 5G Group of Companies Launches Aiwa City Project in Attock


In an exciting development for the real estate sector, the renowned 5G Group of Companies has launched its latest project, Aiwa City, in Attock. This groundbreaking venture aims to bring a revolutionary change to the living and business standards of the historical city of Attock. As one of its kind, Aiwa City promises to redefine the landscape of real estate in Attock by offering affordable yet fantastic commercial and residential areas. With a commitment to providing the best facilities to investors and residents, Aiwa City presents a golden opportunity to be part of a modern housing scheme in Attock.


Developers & Owners – The Trusted Name Behind Aiwa City Attock


The success of any housing project rests upon the reliability and expertise of its owners and developers. In the case of Aiwa City Attock, the 5G Group of Companies stands as the owner, bringing their reputable name and high standards to this residential project. The developers of Aiwa City Attock, who are also the 5G Group of Companies, play a significant role in ensuring the swift development of the project with international infrastructure standards. Their dedication to employing the best development strategies has propelled the progress of this residential project, promising a remarkable living experience for its future residents.


NOC Status – A Symbol of Security and Trust


Before investing in a property, it is crucial to consider the No Objection Certificate (NOC) status, as it ensures legal compliance and safeguards your investment. Aiwa City Attock has received approval for its NOC from the Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA) Attock, providing peace of mind to prospective buyers and investors. The green signal of Aiwa City’s NOC status instills confidence and trust in the housing society, making it a secure and reliable choice for those seeking a profitable investment opportunity.


Prime Location – Gateway to Convenience


Aiwa City Attock enjoys a strategic location on the main GT Road near the N-5 Highway, offering unparalleled ease of access. The selection of this accessible site within the vicinity of Attock adds tremendous value to the housing society in the competitive real estate market. Aiwa City’s prime location ensures a world-class residential experience for individuals seeking a new and elevated standard of living in Attock.


aiwa city accessibility map


Master Plan and Layout – Designing Excellence


To guarantee meticulous planning and thoughtful design, Aiwa City Attock’s master plan was entrusted to Surbana Jurong, a renowned Singapore-based firm. With their expertise, they have crafted a comprehensive master plan that encompasses every essential facility to enhance residents’ quality of life. The layout plan serves as a valuable resource for potential customers, enabling them to choose the perfect location for their desired plot. The master plan of Aiwa City Attock includes all the necessary amenities to ensure comfort and convenience for its residents.


Affordable Payment Plans – Realizing Your Dream

Aiwa City Attock presents a highly reasonable payment plan, taking into account the prevailing inflation rates in the country. This thoughtfully crafted payment schedule makes property ownership more accessible to the middle-class community, allowing them to embrace the high-standard lifestyle offered by the society. The availability of installments further enhances affordability, providing a valuable opportunity for individuals to invest in real estate properties at reasonable rates. Aiwa City Attock offers various residential and commercial plots for sale, catering to both residential and business needs.


aiwa city payment plan



Plot Booking Process:

To make the plot booking process hassle-free and accessible to all, Aiwa City Attock has implemented a straightforward procedure. Here are the steps involved:


  1. Submission of Application Form: Fill out the Aiwa City Attock application form carefully, providing all the necessary details.
  2. Attachment of Documents: Attach copies of the concerned customer’s CNIC (Customer National Identity Card) and the Next of Kin.
  3. Payment Selection: Choose your preferred payment option and provide a cheque for paying the down payment.
  4. Cash Payment Confirmation: If making a cash payment, the management’s confirmation is mandatory before submission.
  5. Submission of Documents: Submit all the required documents along with the completed application form.


Booking Documents:

To book a plot in Aiwa City Attock, you will need to provide the following essential documents:


  1. CNIC Copies: Copies of the buyer’s and Next of Kin’s CNIC.
  2. Passport-Size Pictures: Provide passport-size pictures as per the requirements.
  3. NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis): Overseas customers need to submit their NICOP.


Benefits of Investment in Aiwa City Attock:

Investing in Aiwa City Attock comes with several advantages that make it an attractive option for both end-users and investors. Here are some key benefits:


  1. Financial Security: Owning a property in Aiwa City Attock provides financial security, as property rates in the society are affordable and tend to increase over time. It serves as a valuable asset and a source of satisfaction during uncertain times.
  2. Passive Income: With limited job opportunities and increasing inflation, having a source of passive income is crucial. Owning a property in Aiwa City Attock offers the opportunity for passive income generation, allowing you to secure your financial future.
  3. Feasibility: Unlike many businesses that require regular management, real estate investments offer a flexible and low-maintenance approach to earning profits. Your property’s value will appreciate over time, making it a valuable asset without the need for daily involvement.
  4. Valuable Business: Owning a property in Aiwa City Attock opens up possibilities for starting your own valuable business. Instead of spending years building another venture, investing in real estate allows you to establish a profitable business and enjoy the benefits it brings.


Facilities & Amenities:

Aiwa City Attock aims to provide its residents with a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. Here are some of the world-class facilities and amenities available in the society:


  1. Mosque: A mosque is an integral part of the society, enabling residents to fulfill their religious duties peacefully.
  2. Healthcare: Advanced medical facilities, including hospitals and clinics, ensure residents have access to quality healthcare services round the clock.
  3. Education: High-standard schools and colleges within the society ensure that residents have access to quality education.
  4. Security: Aiwa City Attock prioritizes the safety of its residents and provides a modern security system with CCTV cameras and experienced security staff.
  5. Electricity & Gas: The society ensures a seamless supply of electricity and gas to cater to residents’ needs.
  6. Water Resources: Clean and filtered water is readily available to residents, promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  7. Entertainment: The society offers recreational facilities that allow residents to relax and rejuvenate.


Pros & Cons:

Like any real estate project, Aiwa City Attock has its pros and cons. It’s important to consider these factors before making an investment decision. Here’s an overview:



– Reliable owners and developers.

– Premium location.

– Legally approved housing project.

– Reasonable payment plan with installments.

– Master-planned layout.

– Smooth plot booking procedure.

– High return on investment.

– Availability of world-class facilities.




– Located away from the center of the city.


Development Status:


The development work in Aiwa City Attock is progressing rapidly. The management has acquired premium land and has already started the land pruning and leveling process. The dedicated developers aim to deliver the project on time and ensure exceptional development standards.



Aiwa City Attock offers a seamless plot booking process and presents a promising investment opportunity. With its affordable rates, legal status, and prime location, it provides a pathway to financial security and passive income. The society’s world-class facilities and amenities enhance the quality of life for residents. If you’re looking to invest in a residential project that combines convenience, comfort, and profitability, Aiwa City Attock is the ideal choice. Contact 5G Properties, a reliable real estate firm, to smoothly navigate the plot booking process and secure your investment in this remarkable society.


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