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Aiwa City Attock Location and Payment Plan 2023

Aiwa City Attock Introduction


Aiwa City Attock with the slogan of Raho Soch Se Agay is a new housing project by the renowned 5G Group of Companies. The project will revolutionize the living in Attock with its modern facilities that the historical city of Attock never witnessed before.

The aim behind the project is to give people the modern living standards while keeping the serenity in mind in the historical city of Attock. 

The Project is labeled as affordable luxury living. The project is one of the top projects that offer modern and affordable housing projects in Attock which offers clients with terrific residential and commercial areas.

The developers – 5G Group of Companies have made sure to provide the state of the art facilities for residents and investors in the Aiwa City Attock. This is one of the kind opportunities to enjoy a huge return on investment and live your dream in an affordable luxury society.


Aiwa City Developers:


AIWA CITY ATTOCK is owned and developed by 5G Group of Companies, ensuring reliability and setting new standards in the housing project. The ownership by a renowned real estate giant adds to the project’s appeal. Notably, the developers, who are also the 5G Group of Companies, play a crucial role in the rapid development of the project, adhering to international infrastructure standards. Their objective is to employ the most effective development strategies to expedite the completion of this residential project.


5g group of companies logo


Aiwa City NOC Status:

AIWA CITY ATTOCK has received approval for its legal status from TMA ATTOCK, ensuring the safety of your investment. The NOC (No Objection Certificate) status is an important consideration for end-users and investors when purchasing a property, as it provides reassurance in the real estate sector. It is always advisable to invest in housing projects that have obtained legal approval to avoid any potential legal complications. The green signal of AIWA CITY’s NOC status attracts individuals who prioritize secure investments and aim to generate substantial profits. The NOC status of the real estate project significantly enhances customers’ trust in the housing society.



AIWA CITY ATTOCK is strategically positioned near N-5 Highway, alongside the main GT Road. The convenient accessibility of the location adds significant value to this housing society in the competitive real estate market. The management has intentionally chosen a well-connected area in the vicinity of Attock, allowing customers to easily access the society. This advantageous location of AIWA CITY has made it highly attractive to potential investors seeking profitable ventures. Additionally, the project’s prime placement ensures a superior residential experience for individuals looking to reside in a modern housing society in Attock.




Prospective customers are eager to acquire information about the graphical location, as it facilitates a clear understanding of the precise positioning of the society on a map. To provide visual assistance, the map of AIWA CITY ATTOCK is depicted below:


attock map


By referring to the map, interested individuals can gain a comprehensive overview of the society’s location.




The following are the nearby attractions and locations in the vicinity of the project:


  1. Attock Fort
  4. Mehria Town
  5. Jinnah Park
  6. Gurdwara Sri Panja Sahib
  7. Aqua Fun Resort
  8. J. Junaid Jamshed Attock


These nearby places offer a variety of experiences and amenities, enhancing the overall appeal and convenience of the project




AIWA CITY ATTOCK benefits from its convenient access points, which are outlined below:


It is located a mere six-minute drive from Attock Cantt.

The distance from Attock Police Station can be covered in approximately eight minutes.

DHQ Hospital Attock is a short ten-minute drive away.

Government College of Technology Attock is accessible within a sixteen-minute drive.

COMSATS University Campus Attock can be reached in approximately eighteen minutes.

These easily reachable locations add to the overall convenience and accessibility of AIWA CITY ATTOCK.


map attock



To ensure a comprehensive and well-designed layout for AIWA CITY, the management has engaged the services of Surbana Jurong, a renowned firm based in Singapore. Known for their expertise in creating master plans for various housing projects, Surbana Jurong has been entrusted with the task of designing the master plan for the project. This partnership ensures that detailed information regarding available properties is incorporated into the master plan.


Furthermore, the project layout plan is readily accessible to potential buyers, allowing them to easily assess and select the ideal location for purchasing a plot. The layout plan serves as a splendid resource for viewing the properties within this housing project. Carefully crafted, the master plan encompasses all essential facilities aimed at enhancing the residents’ quality of life and providing utmost comfort.


 Payment Plan of AIWA City Attock


aiwa city payment plan


Affordability and Payment Schedule

In light of the current high rate of inflation in the country, the payment plan of AIWA City Attock has been designed to be very reasonable. The payment schedule aims to help potential customers understand the affordability of purchasing properties in the project. The management has ensured that plot rates are kept affordable, enabling the middle-class community to live in this high-standard society in Attock.


Residential Plots Payment Schedule

Different payment schedules are available for residential plots in AIWA City Attock, categorized according to plot sizes. The management has launched a payment plan specifically for residential plots, and you can book your plot at pre-launch rates with the assistance of 5G Properties


5 Marla Residential Plots


Total price: PKR 2,450,000

Down payment: PKR 367,500

Confirmation payment: PKR 367,500

28 monthly installments: PKR 20,000

5 half-yearly installments: PKR 196,000

At possession: PKR 175,000


7 Marla Residential Plots


Total price: PKR 3,430,000

Down payment: PKR 514,500

Confirmation payment: PKR 514,500

28 monthly installments: PKR 28,000

5 half-yearly installments: PKR 274,400

At possession: PKR 245,000


10 Marla Residential Plots


Total price: PKR 3,900,000

Down payment: PKR 585,000

Confirmation payment: PKR 585,000

28 monthly installments: PKR 30,000

5 half-yearly installments: PKR 312,000

At possession: PKR 330,000


1 Kanal Residential Plots


Total price: PKR 7,800,000

Down payment: PKR 1,170,000

Confirmation payment: PKR 1,170,000

28 monthly installments: PKR 60,000

5 half-yearly installments: PKR 624,000

At possession: PKR 660,000


Commercial Plots Payment Schedule


The payment plan for commercial plots in the project will be launched soon by the management. The reasonable rates of commercial plots aim to provide investors with good profit potential through their investments.


AIWA City Attock Booking Process


Knowing the plot booking procedure is essential for potential investors. The management has ensured a simple booking process to encourage investors to invest in AIWA City Attock. For a hassle-free booking experience, you can also seek assistance from the experienced team at 5G Properties.


The plot booking process involves:


Submission of the AIWA City Attock application form after carefully filling it out.

Attachment of the customer’s and Next of Kin’s CNIC copies.

Choosing the payment method and providing a cheque for the down payment.

Management’s confirmation for cash payments.

Submission of necessary documents.

Aiwa’s Booking Documents

When booking a plot in the project, it is recommended to provide the following essential documents to the project’s developers, 5G Group of Companies, and take assitance from 5G Properties:


CNIC copies of the buyer and Next of Kin

Passport-size pictures

NICOP for overseas customers


Financial Security


Affordable plot rates provide financial independence.

Property rates regularly increase, offering a secure investment.

Property ownership brings satisfaction during difficult times.


Passive Income


Owning a property provides a source of passive income.

A valuable investment for a limited job market and increasing inflation.

Owning property in the project ensures a steady stream of income.




Real estate investments require minimal daily management.

Earn profits without continuous active involvement.

Residential or commercial property ownership offers flexible and hassle-free income.

Valuable Business


Property ownership provides an opportunity to build a valuable business.

A chance to become a successful entrepreneur without years of building other businesses.

Purchase a plot in the project for great profitability and business growth.


Facilities & Amenities


aiwa city facilities





The Project includes a mosque for peaceful religious activities.




The society offers advanced medical services with hospitals and clinics available 24/7.

Modern medical equipment ensures exceptional healthcare facilities.




World-class schools and colleges within the society provide high-standard education.




State-of-the-art security system with CCTV cameras and experienced security staff.

Ensures exceptional safety for the residents of the housing society.


Electricity & Gas


Seamless supply of electricity and gas without any disruption.


Water Resources


Access to filtered and purified water for a healthy lifestyle.




Availability of entertainment facilities to relieve stress and maintain well-being.

Pros & Cons of Buying Plots in AIWA City Attock


BRT System


The project has planned to incorporate a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system to enhance and facilitate smooth traveling for its residents. The implementation of the BRT system aims to provide efficient and convenient transportation within the housing society and its surroundings. This modern transportation infrastructure will contribute to reducing congestion, improving accessibility, and ensuring a seamless commuting experience for the residents of Aiwa City.




Reliable owners and developers.

Premium society with a prime location.

Legally approved housing project.

Reasonable payment plan with installment options.

Master-planned housing project.

Smooth booking procedure for plots.

High return on investment.

Availability of world-class facilities.




Located away from the city center.


AIWA City Attock Development Status


Fast-paced development work to maintain high standards.

Land pruning and leveling process initiated by dedicated developers.




The Project offers a splendid lifestyle and high return on investment.

Contact 5G Properties to book a plot at pre-launch rates.

5G Properties is a leading real estate Agency and comes under the banner of 5G Group of Companies. 5G Group is the developer of Aiwa City.


**Frequently Asked Questions**


*Who is the Developer of AIWA City Attock?*

– The project is developed by 5G Group of Companies.


*What is the Pre-launch Rate of a 5-Marla Plot in AIWA City Attock?*

– The pre-launch rate for a 5-marla plot is 4,000,000.


*Is AIWA City Attock NOC Approved?*

– Yes, the NOC (No Objection Certificate) of AIWA City Attock is approved by Tehsil Municipal Authority Attock.


*Where is the project Attock Located?*

– AIWA City Attock is conveniently located on the main GT Road, ensuring easy access from different cities.


*Why is AIWA City Attock Away from the Main City?*

– AIWA City Attock is situated away from the main city to provide residents with a peaceful lifestyle.


*Which is the Best Housing Society in Attock?*

– AIWA City Attock is considered the best housing society in Attock due to its reliable owners, developers, and designers.


*Why Should People Invest in a New Residential Project?*

– Investing in a new residential project offers customers reasonable pre-launch rates and flexibility.


*Which Commercial Plot Sizes are Available?*

– The commercial plot sizes will be announced soon after the launch of AIWA City Attock.


*Why are the Plot Rates High in AIWA City Attock?*

– The plot rates in AIWA City Attock are high because it is regarded as the best residential project in Attock.


*How to Book a Plot in AIWA City Attock?*

– You can book a plot in AIWA City Attock with the assistance of 5G Properties.

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